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Thursday, January 26, 2012


For those who follow this blog we need to update you on our current situation.
Rick started having severe back pains in August 2011 when we were in Oregon.
When we finally got home in October he spent a lot of time going to doctors to figure out the problem.
While visiting the kids for Christmas he fractured his L1 vertebrae. By the time we returned home he could only walk with a walker. The doc ordered an MRI and the diagnosis was Cancer of the spine and pelvis.
So you see why all travel plans have been put on hold as we tackle this diagnosis head on. We still are not completely sure what type of cancer it is, but the Oncologist is leaning towards Multiple Myeloma. A cancer in the bone marrow that messes with the plasma cells. So radiation treatments to kill the present tumors and some type of chemotherapy to put it in remission. Because it has compromised his spine and weakened the bones he has to be very careful not to fall, bend or lift anything heavy. He has had the L1 compression fracture fixed with a Kyphoplasty procedure and the Oncologist is working on the back pain with steroids. So with the steroids and Percocet pain meds he is starting to rest more comfortably.
If you are interested in following the journey down the Cancer highway with us we post quite often on our Facebook, Rick Towner, page to help keep friends and family appraised of all the happenings and results.

Wish Rick a speedy recovery so we can get back on the road.


  1. best of luck on that crowded highway...

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