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Friday, March 28, 2014


It is a new travel season so we de-winterized the motor home and headed for Pahrump, NV. We got to enjoy Pahrump's first Annual Balloon Festival while waiting for the Nevada Good Sam Samboree to start.

As the President of our Good Sam Chapter the Desert Vagabonds I have to attend the Nevada State Samboree's. The Spring Samboree is always in Southern Nevada, this year at the NV Treasure in Pahrump, NV. 

Nevada Treasure RV Resort Pahrump, Nevada 89048 1-800-429-6665

Nevada Treasure RV Resort Pahrump, Nevada 89048 1-800-429-6665

We enjoyed the games and camaraderie of all who attended.
We then headed over to Lakeside Casino RV Resort for a couple of days of relaxation as we waited for our reservations in Death Valley National Park at Furnace Creek.

We then headed for three days of exploring Death Valley National Park. One of the Parks on our list we have not visited yet. We boondocked at the NP Furnace Creek Campground. We weren't lucky enough to get one of the few hook up sights, so we survived on battery power and LP Gas. It was a very nice campground, but no showers so we used the one in the RV after moving out all the stuff we store in it when travelling. 

We first headed to see the sights from the mountain vistas.

Next was to see Devils Golf Course and the Artists Palette.

Artists Palette.

You need to be there at Sunset to get the full effect of the colors.

Next we headed to see the Borax mine where they used the 20 mule teams we all remember from the Borax TV ads.

Stopped by to see the Pupfish an endangered species. 

Can you see the little buggers. Maybe an inch and a half long.

On our last day we headed to Scotty's Castle. A mansion in the middle of no where.

The never finished the million gallon swimming pool. Bummer.

After our exploring we headed home via Panamint Springs. Don't ever go this way in an RV towing a car, it is 9% grades both up and down. My brakes were smelly hot. Oh to have my diesel truck back.

Our next trip is without the RV as we take a 15 day cruise to Hawaii and back.
Look for pictures from that trip in the near future.