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Saturday, April 10, 2010


As we did not have WiFi or Cell Service this is yesterdays post.

Our first stop after leaving Rawlins, WY was 

We then stopped and visited Independence Rock on the Oregon/California Trail in Wyoming. It is where pioneers meet on July 4th knowing they would make their destination before bad weather. While camped here they carved their names in the rock. There are over 5,000 names carved into this rock.

                                                                        Trail Head

                                                                 Calvary person

                                                                    J W CROSBY

                                                                        H L CHAPIN

Then guess who decided he could climb the rock as we walked all the way around it.

We then traveled to Lusk, WY for the night.


  1. Gotta love the font on their writings...and who says one needs a rope to climb a mountain!!

  2. YO!

    I'm not getting all your photos. Is it me? Under Independence Rock the only photo showing is the last one with you on the rock.

    By the way, nice crack.